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Cyber risks in the Maritime sector

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23 Mar 2023 17:00

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23 Mar 2023 19:00

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Cyber risk in Maritime sector is enormous and growing.  As shipping leverages data and autonomous technologies, the ability for bad actors to attack and cause mayhem is becoming more and more impactful, especially in an industry that typically isn’t known for its progressive approach to technology.

InfoSec Partners have launched a specialist certification in Maritime Cyber Security to help maritime organisations become more aware of, and protected against, Cyber Crime.  Adoption of the certification can be a pre-requisite to some insurances, is recommended by RINA and IMO, and is therefore key to understand as the industry evolves.

Listen to local Cyber Security experts, InfoSec Partners, discuss the risks and impacts of Cyber attack on boats, marinas, ports and all aspects of Maritime sector, including insurance considerations

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