An aerial image of docked boats and port with containers.

Sustainability in the Shipping Industry: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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Event details

Start date/time

30 Nov 2023 09:00

End date/time

1 Dec 2023 16:30

National Oceanography Centre

European Way, Southampton, SO14 3ZH


Join this free two day conference funded by the Gard/IML fund and organised by the Institute of Maritime Law and the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute, University of Southampton, with tailored support from Public Policy Southampton.

This Event will take a multidisciplinary approach to interrogate the environmental challenges confronting the maritime industry on four main themes:

  • Air pollution
  • Impact on water
  • Noise Pollution
  • Impact on biodiversity

The Event aims at developing viable solutions to ensure that the operation of ships and ports remains safe and efficient but is more sustainable with greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. A Report containing the findings and statements of purpose/guiding principle for the way forward will be published after the Event.

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