Apply to be our Charity Partner

Each year Maritime UK Solent will choose a maritime-related charity that is based in the Solent region, to be a charity partner.

The deadline for Charity Partner applications was Friday 30 June and applications are now closed.

The chosen charity will receive a large amount of promotional support, including:

  • Press release announcing them as the charity partner
  • Social media 
  • An online magazine article to Maritime UK Solent members

At the Awards event on 5 October, the charity partner will receive:

  • Two free tickets for the event 
  • The opportunity to give a short presentation about their work
  • A premade film to be shown about them and their work
  • An opportunity for charity envelopes to be left at each setting for cash collection
  • A QR code on the event brochure to take people to a website where they can donate to the charity

After the event, the charity will be regularly promoted through our communications channels. We will also work with the chosen charity partner for the whole year, and will support your activities for the subsequent 12 months.

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